We put the power of the most comprehensive crane and construction database in the world to work for you.

ICC Analytics improves crane and construction safety through predictive analytics powered by decades of crane accident data.

Our robust database has attracted numerous key crane owners in the United States and abroad.

ICC Analytics’ accident database has been developed, over a 35-year period, to identify key attributes which consistently lead to accidents. Uniquely, ICC Analytics include duties and responsibilities in accordance with ASME B30.5.

Our goal is to deliver actionable intelligence for predictive analytics to improve crane and construction safety through targeted use of data. ICC Analytics’ experience with crane and construction accidents is being used to identify areas where safety practices can continue to be improved in order to aid in lift planning, industry safety standards, and safety coordination.

We’re partnering with the Construction Industry Institute.

Construction Industry Institute (CII) in conjunction with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) has agreed to host the ICC Analytics database as well as provide additional administrative resources and introductions to key companies from current membership and academia from the University of Texas to assist in analytics and delivery from the data in a joint business model with ICC Safety Solutions.


The ICC partnership with CII will significantly enhance the ICC customer experience. The ICC/CII strategic business alignment includes subscriber access to the world’s largest data warehousing resources for customer service efficiency and security in crane accident data administration.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

Provided on a subscription basis for the crane and construction industry, this unique data sharing platform will accelerate safety improvement through progressive learning of what did happen to cause accidents as opposed to traditional safety methods based on what could happen.


The proprietary ICC Analytics service includes vigorous data security combined with strict customer privacy through the ICC/CII data sanitation process to ensure customer anonymity and protect subscriber interests. The expressed intent of this innovative accident data subscription model is for customers to have actionable intelligence at their fingertips to prevent recurring accidents and save lives through ICC Predictive Analytics.

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Build smarter safety plans with ICC Analytics.

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